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Whenever there is fire damage, make sure you call the nearest fire damage restoration company so restoration work can begin quickly. Fire damage is progressive and must be attended to immediately so it can be reversed. If you are a resident of Covina, then Covina Fire Damage may be the right call to make.

After the fire:

After the fire has been extinguished, here is what you must do.

  • Wear breathing mask and disposable gloves before you enter the house
  • Only enter if the fire marshal has given permission
  • Open all the doors and windows
  • Walk wall to wall to avoid getting hurt from any loose structures in the ceiling

How to begin Fire Damage Cleanup:

  • Begin by making a list of things that have been unharmed by the fire.
  • Call a fire damage specialist to assess what can be saved from the things which have been damaged by the fire. If your property is insured, the insurance company will send their own employee for this assessment.
  • Start by removing fire damage debris from the area that is badly burned by fire. Remember to wear a helmet, breathing mask and gloves.
  • Put damp textiles of the house in dryer or under the sun and allow them to dry thoroughly before putting it to wash.
  • You can buy metal polish and spray cleaners from home stores. Start cleaning things that are at hand with paper towels.
  • Do not clean soot and smoke with water as it can cause more erosion.
  • If your house has gone through a major fire incident, call Covina Fire Damage for a complete restoration plan. It will save you a lot of thinking, effort and money.

Why Covina Fire Damage:

We understand fire damage like no other company in Covina city. Covina Fire Damage knows the fragility of the situation and so we provide services within 30 minutes of a call.

  • Our emergency services are available 24/7
  • Skilled workforce
  • Certified professional
  • Onsite estimation and consultation
  • Well-equipped and trained technicians
  • Good Communication along the process
  • Speedy and systematic services
  • Direct billing to your insurance

Covina’s area of expertise

  • Smoke remediation
  • Drying and dehumidification of water from fire extinguishing efforts
  • Hardwood floor, walls and ceiling damage cleanup
  • Removal of fire residues
  • Temporary storage facility for household goods
  • Cleaning of all kind of fabric, metal and wood work
  • Smoke deodorization

Covina Fire Damage Restoration ensures 100 percent cleanup results so your family can move back as soon as possible. If it is office fire damage, we will help you get back to business quickly.

For fire Damage emergencies, call now on (626) 593-0058 and let the professionals at Covina deal with it.


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